Where Can You Find Information on Microcell Communications?


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Microcell Communications was acquired by Rogers Communications in 2004. The company's official website, Rogers.com, offers the most reliable information about the current company. Information about Microcell before the merger is available from the company's profiles on Indeed.com and YellowPages.com, or from online news sources such as itbusiness.ca, as of 2015.

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The most significant aspect of Microcell Communications was the company's launch of the Fido brand in 1996. Fido and Rogers were the only Canadian companies using GSM wireless technology at the time of the merger, and the acquisition made Rogers the biggest network in Canada at the time. As of 2015, Rogers continues to dominate the Canadian wireless market. Fido continues to operate as a subsidiary of its parent company with separate branding, packages and retail locations.

Microcell was a small company prior to the merger, generally lacking wireless coverage outside of major urban centers. The merger with Rogers immediately fixed this problem, as Microcell customers gained access to the Rogers network without needing to change phones, providers or plans.

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