Where Can You Find Some Information on Large Underground Houses?


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Details about large subsurface homes are available from websites such as Details.com, Oddee.com, SubsurfaceBuildings.com, InspirationGreen.com and HomeDIT.com. Pictures and key structural and decorating details about several renowned subsurface homes are featured on Oddee.com, Details.com and HomeDIT.com. InspriationalGreen.com goes into more detail about each home, including building and design specifics.

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SubsurfaceBuildings.com provides links to contractors who specialize in or have built subsurface homes, a list of more than 700 subsurface buildings and homes in the United States (sorted by state), and details about the process and benefits of building a subsurface home. The site also has a page that focuses on current subsurface buildings and homes being constructed.

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