Where Can I Find Information About the Health Insurance Law?

can-information-health-insurance-law Credit: Terry Vine/Blend Images/Getty Images

The best place to find information about the Affordable Care Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in 2010, is through the official Healthcare.gov website. The site provides a one-page guide, tools for finding insurance plans and prices, application forms and information on tax implications, accessed from the site's home page.

In addition to providing tools for obtaining health insurance, the Healthcare.gov site explains the rights and protections provided by the ACA, including coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, free preventive care, and prohibitions against increasing rates and policy termination due to illness.

Apart from the official health care website, states that have opted to manage their own health insurance marketplaces provide separate resources for obtaining information, as evidenced by the comprehensive tools on the Washington State HealthPlanFinder website.