Where Can You Find Information on Consumer Propane Prices?

EIA.gov, YCharts.com and Propane-Prices.com provide information on consumer propane prices. Websites such as Mass.gov provide information on consumer propane prices for specific regions or states. The information includes current prices, historical pricing comparisons and consumer tips for understanding the pricing.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration website, EIA.gov, has charts displaying consumer propane prices by sales type. The charts can be viewed by region or for the country as a whole. The East Coast region is subdivided in New England, Central Atlantic and Lower Atlantic. The other regions are the Midwest, Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast regions. The sales types include residential, industrial and retail. The data can be viewed by month or year, and the archived data stretches back to 1993.

YCharts.com provides a U.S residential propane price chart and summary. A chronological price breakdown by week for the past two years is available for free, and members of the site can view data back to 1990. The summary includes the latest value as of the most recent data period, the adjustment percentages and the percentages of change from previous periods.

Propane-Prices.com offers consumer propane price data along with information to help consumers understand propane prices. The article topics include tips for lowering your propane coast and advice on purchasing your propane tank.

State government websites have specific state and regional pricing information. For instance, Mass.gov, the official website of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs for Massachusetts, includes propane price surveys and comparisons specific to Massachusetts.