Where Can You Get Information About Affordable Senior Housing?


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Information on affordable senior housing is available through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at hud.gov. Programs and financial assistance for seniors range from reverse mortgages to assistance in finding affordable rentals, according to hud.gov.

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HUD's affordable housing program funds programs for rent assistance, home ownership and other services to benefit seniors through public housing, subsidized housing and voucher housing programs, according to SeniorLiving.

Public housing -which includes single-family homes, duplexes and high-rise apartments- is pro-rated by income and operated by local Public Housing Agencies (PHA). Multifamily subsidized housing is privately-owned housing subsidized by HUD to provide seniors with affordable housing. The housing voucher program helps to provide rental assistance to elderly individuals who are looking for housing in the private market, says SeniorLiving.

Seniors and their loved ones seeking housing are advised that waiting lists can range from two to five years -especially in metropolitan areas- and that the programs are generally geared towards independent seniors able to live on their own -not those who are in need of assisted living care. Those seeking assistance are encouraged to check out multiple PHAs in the area; just because one doesn't have the available housing sought, does not mean others won't, advises SeniorLiving.

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