How Can an Individual Register for Medicare Online?

How Can an Individual Register for Medicare Online?

The United States government's Social Security website provides a portal to online application for Medicare. This application is differentiated between the varying services offered through Medicare and allows applicants to tailor their application to their specific needs and to their financial status by navigating the various menus that compose the application process.

Online Medicare registration is heavily supported by Social Security. It is the preferred method of registration due to ease of filing and data collection.

  1. Enter information
  2. The sole initial requirement is that the applicant enter all relevant information under the Apply For Medicare Only portal. This portal opens a menu with questions about age, tax status, current health care coverage and other important vital statistics.

  3. Submit information
  4. After completion, simply hit submit. This causes the application to be sent in for processing. There is no additional paperwork or documentation which requires the attention of the applicant.

  5. Await a response
  6. After processing is complete, a response will be issued expressing eligibility or ineligibility for Medicare. Applicants can check on the status of their submissions through the same portal of the Social Security website. This makes it easy to see at what point in the process a submission is.