How Can You Get Your House Listed in the MLS Listings?


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To get you house listed in the MLS listings, contact a licensed real estate agent in your locality to have your property listed immediately if it is ready for sale. Additionally, you can look for a flat-fee MLS listing service if you prefer to sell the house yourself.

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Multiple Listing Services are databases or websites that publicize real estate listings among real estate agents and brokerages. MLS systems are owned by real estate agents and their regional trade networks. Only licensed real estate agents who belong to a given MLS (and pay respective dues and fee) are allowed to list property.

To list your house via an agent, you are required to pay a commission to the agent, which often ranges between three and six percent of your house’s selling price. Most local real estate agents are experienced and understand local markets well, so you benefit from astute marketing power and optimal exposure for your house. Listing the house yourself via flat-fee listing services is cheaper, since there are no commission costs. However, you are responsible for selling your house on your own. Accordingly, you must be ready to take photos, stage the house, host open house events and locate potential buyers.

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