How Can You Find Historical Data From the S&P 500?


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You can find historical price information for the S&P (Standard & Poor) 500 Index online using websites such as MarketWatch, which has a Historical Index tab option on its page about the S&P 500 index. Using this tab, researchers can enter a specific date to get historic price information.

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How Can You Find Historical Data From the S&P 500?
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Finance sites across the Web offer historic price information for the S&P 500 Index, which contains stocks from 500 companies, and other investment options. For example, Investment.com allows users to choose a daily, weekly or monthly time frame and select a date range for price data. Along with the historical price data, many websites, including MarketWatch, Investment.com and The Motley Fool, offer expert analysis articles, buy or sell recommendations, and future predictions.

Historical price data has many uses, including analyzing trends to predict future prices, notes The Motley Fool. Investors who wish to research individual companies contained in the S&P 500 Index can do so using third-party websites or by going to the corporate websites to get stock information. One example would be the Ford Motor Company, which offers stock price data and information on stock splits and spinoffs. It also provides an investment calculator for those who already own shares in the company and want to see how their investments have fared.

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