How Can Hewitt Financial Services Help You Plan Your Retirement?


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Hewitt Financial Services can help plan for retirement through educational and brokerage services, notes the company's official website. These retirement services aim to maximize income during retirement while understanding all associated tax implications.

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Hewitt Financial Services educates financial investors on how to roll over an individual retirement account, which is necessary when changing jobs, consolidating accounts or simply nearing retirement, explains the Hewitt website. The options for a rollover include a direct rollover, a trustee-to-trustee transfer or a 60-day rollover, according to the official website of the Internal Revenue Service. Moreover, Hewitt offers advice on how to plan for fixed-annuity individual retirement accounts, which are plans that defer tax until money is available, notes the Houston Chronicle.

Hewitt Financial Services also offers brokerage account services, which provide investors with more decision-making power regarding how the service invests their money, notes the Hewitt website. This approach allows investors to diversify their investments at the cost of increased financial risk. In other words, investors are responsible for monitoring and adjusting the retirement account based on current market conditions. Investors can open this type of brokerage account directly through the Hewitt website. The registration process requires basic contact information and also has a small questionnaire.

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