How Can the Harmonized Code Search Be Used Online?


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Use the Schedule B online search engine provided by the United States Census Bureau to identify trade information about a product, including its Schedule B Export Code. The Schedule B Export Code and accompanying information is based on the International Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of product numbering.

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From the main page of the Schedule B search engine, enter information about the product into the provided search box. Entering a detailed description of the product improves the search engine's ability to identify its Schedule B Export Code.

Click the Classify button, and wait for the search engine to identify known and assumed characteristics about the product. Review these characteristics to ensure they are accurate. If necessary, modify each characteristic by clicking the Modify link. Below the known and assumed characteristics, the search engine may ask for additional information about the product. Click the appropriate product characteristic to further narrow the search results.

Once the search engine collects enough information about the product's characteristics, it provides detailed Schedule B information. The search engine provides a four-digit Schedule B number for that category of product, as well as a 10-digit detailed Schedule B number for a specific product within that category, if applicable. Additionally, the search engine provides a description of the product, the unit of quantity and the export value in U.S. Dollars.

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