Where Can You Find Good Sample Questions and Answers for a Job Interview?


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Sample interview questions and answers can be found on numerous online sites, such as TheMuse.com and QuintCareers.com. Glassdoor.com also provides job seekers with interview questions and answers, but that site typically requires users to sign up for the service and to submit a job review.

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Having a successful interview requires preparation. While it's not certain that an employer will ask the questions that an individual studies ahead of time, getting familiar with the types of questions that could be asked and appropriate responses to these questions can put job seekers more at ease.

Typical questions include "Tell me a little about yourself" and "Why do you want this position?" In regard to the first question, a complete personal or employment history is not required. By the time an interview takes place, it's safe to assume that an employer has already reviewed a candidate's resume or has it readily available. Job seekers should highlight two or three accomplishments when asked this question, and should keep it short and sweet.

The answer to "Why do you want this position?" should highlight to an employer that a candidate is passionate about the position. It would be wise for applicants to research the company so that they can offer specific information as to why they chose the company for potential employment.

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