How Can You Be a Good Planner?

can-good-planner Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

According to the Advising & Learning Assistance Center, a good planner is reasonable, sets a workable schedule and anticipates possible setbacks ahead of time by being prepared. It takes practice and commitment to become a good planner, but planning skills can improve with time and experience.

According to the Research Polytechnic Institute, effective planners delegate tasks when they can, aim to stay flexible and realistic with the scheduling process, plan tasks ahead of time and ask for advice from people who can help to fine-tune a schedule. Analyzing the amount of resources available and effort required to complete a task at any time makes it easier to set plans that go through without a hitch. A good planner avoids cramming his daily schedule with tasks to prevent stress overload. It is wise to begin projects far ahead of a deadline to be a more effective planner, and it also leaves time to alter a schedule if obstacles emerge.

Anyone can write down multiple tasks to complete, but a successful planner is able to set a solid schedule and complete it. Taking the time to prioritize helps to make better plans that ensure that crucial tasks are taken care of first. Using a paper scheduler, a smartphone app or an online scheduler are just a few ways to make plans and monitor them regularly. The ability to say no to a project or request that conflicts with an established schedule and knowing one's own physical, mental and emotional limits are key to effective planning.