How Can I Be a Good Personal Assistant?

A personal assistant can become better in his job by devotedly performing his duties and providing his clerical services to his employer, so the employer can perform more important tasks. The assistant must demonstrate energy and interest in handling everyday office work.

The steps to becoming a good personal assistant begin with running through expectations and standards that the boss requires. The personal assistant must familiarize himself with the company's policies and business ethics to deal with problems in the appropriate manner. He must have a great sense of time management by carefully planning the appointments and important occasions that his boss must attend. He must learn an effective way to organize reports and letters, so that others can easily retrieve information from his paperwork. As a member of the company, he must be an exemplary employee by conducting himself with a professional behavior.

The skills and qualities deemed necessary to become a good personal assistant vary depending on the demands of the job and the employer. Required hard skills may include budgeting, database management, computer skills and event planning. Soft skills, such as integrity and interpersonal skills, are also important in working as a personal assistant. While personal assistants have varying educational backgrounds, they must undergo on-the-job trainings to acquaint themselves with the office procedures.