Where Can You Find Some Good Multifamily Properties for Sale?


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Find multifamily homes for sale in good condition through local real estate agents, real estate listing sites, auction sites, or by signing up for alerts from the Department of Housing and Urban Development bidding system, as of 2015. Each method provides you with access to a wide range of home styles across different locations, though prices may vary over time.

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Many real estate agents specialize in multifamily commercial and residential properties, ranging from duplexes to apartment complexes, and are able to present prospective buyers with a great deal of information about the properties. Sites such as Realtor.com offer search tools to help locate licensed agents in a given area, with whom you can make appointments to discuss available properties.

Another option is to search on real estate listing sites, as both agents and private owners post ads about properties for sale on these sites. This allows you to easily browse different options through custom searches, covering aspects such as the number of units in the building or its sale price. Many property auction sites also offer similar search features, though these may be part of foreclosures or estate sales. Some sites also offer special categories within property sections for multifamily homes.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development also frequently posts information about multifamily homes for sale through its website, HUD.gov. The department offers a loan and mortgage program for the purchase of such homes, and when an owner defaults on a loan it repossesses the property and resells it.

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