What Can You Do to Be a Good Employee?


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One of the best ways a person can stand out as a good employee is to show initiative by doing more than is expected and seeking out additional responsibilities. Learning how the business operates, communicating openly, being efficient and productive and demonstrating growth are other good employee traits.

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Good employees get their jobs done well without taxing the time and energy of a manager, who has other responsibilities. In fact, really good employees learn how a manager prefers to communicate and interact and do things to accommodate those preferences. Good employees also stand out by showing managerial qualities and leadership in a work group. This particular trait contributes to a person's ability to gain promotions.

A good employee also uses intangible skills in interacting with colleagues and coworkers. A positive attitude and supportive approach help create synergy within a work group. Employees who bring up the level of performance of those around them add even more value than what they produce in their job function. Passion, detail-orientation and a strong work ethic are also common characteristics of a good employee. Companies pay workers for the results that they produce during the work day. High production combined with precision leads to optimum results in a given position.

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