How Can You Be a Good Car Salesman?


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An individual can become a good car salesman by alternating between extroverted and introverted behaviors, adjusting the approach depending on each customer's preferences. By matching behaviors to the customer, the salesman increases the chances of making a sale, says Forbes.

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To be successful, a car salesman uses a greeting that allows for control of the sale from the beginning. The salesman never lies to the customers as this creates distrust. A car salesman always dresses appropriately and demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for the job. Desperation for the sale is not shown, as the customer can sense it; instead, there is a focus on helping the client gather information.

A great salesman builds rapport with the customer, which allows the customer to share personal stories that the salesman uses to make the sale. Each customer is treated like the salesman's best customer by providing the best service. Such customers usually make repeated purchases and refer others to the dealership, which generates more sales.

If the opportunity arises, a great car salesman is never afraid to up-sell the customer. The salesman always asks to test drive a car with the client as this is an opportunity to influence the buyer. He regularly follows up with prospective and past clients.

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