Can You Give Me Some Examples of a Job Analysis?

A job analysis is usually structured differently for each individual career field, but most list the job duties and responsibilities, any software and computer programs that are used in the job, and a summary of the position. A job analysis will also list the skills needed to perform the job.

A job analysis is used to help determine the job duties and responsibilities that certain positions hold in a business. A job analysis is used to analyze the job itself, not the person in the position. Most companies will use a job analysis in training to help identify the equipment needed to train someone for the job, the method of training, and any assessment tests needed to measure how effective the training may be.

A job analysis may also be used in order for a company to determine how much compensation should be paid, the work environment which the job entails, and the required level of education needed for someone to be able to hold that position. A job analysis will also help employers when writing advertisements for vacant positions, the interview questions to be asked, and any orientation materials that may be needed for new hires. An analysis will also help employers complete performance reviews to help a company identify the goals and objectives of the job, how long any probationary periods should be, and how to set performance standards.