Can a Former Employer Say You Were Fired?


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A former employer can disclose that an employee was fired if they are contacted during a reference check by another company according to snagajob.com. Due to legal issues, many employers don't provide details during reference checks and simply confirm whether or not someone was an employee during the time claimed.

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Can a Former Employer Say You Were Fired?
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Few legal restrictions limit what an employer can say when contacted for a reference check. Employers can't disclose information that is protected by confidentiality agreements and laws, including personally identifying details such as social security numbers. Employers can't make false statements either, as those could be considered slander.

If worried an employer may share negative information during a reference check, it's best not to use them as a reference. Most applications the applicant specify that a former employer is not to be contacted. When selecting that option, be prepared to explain the situation to a prospective employer.

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