Where Can Foreign Money Be Exchange for USD?


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Exchange foreign currency at one of three locations: ATMs, banks or designated currency exchange kiosks. Each location generally has distinct advantages and disadvantages, so it is a good idea to weigh several different exchange options whenever possible.

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Where Can Foreign Money Be Exchange for USD?
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ATMs in the United States allow users from abroad to withdraw funds from their bank card in the form of dollars. American banks charge a flat fee, usually between $3 and $5, as of 2015, for each transaction, and the user's local bank may also charge a small transaction fee. However, ATMs usually give fair exchange rates and charge the lowest fees for changing large sums. Unlike the flat rate charged by ATMs, kiosks and banks tend to charge a percentage commission on each dollar exchanged. This usually amounts to more money than the flat rate charged by an ATM. However, these institutions do allow customers to exchange cash they have on hand rather than just funds that are in their bank accounts.

Another thing to consider when changing money is availability. In the United States, it is not common for smaller bank branches to offer currency exchange, though larger branches generally do. Once outside of major transportation hubs like airports or train stations, currency exchange kiosks may be difficult to find. ATMs are common, however, and can usually be found in every bank as well as major shopping centers.

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