Where Can You Find Foreign Exchange Rates Online?


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Exchange rates can be found on the Yahoo! Finance site after following the Currencies Center link. The Currencies Center contains exchange rates for several currency markets, including the United States, Japan, European and Scandinavian markets.

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Where Can You Find Foreign Exchange Rates Online?
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In 2015, along with exchange listings, Yahoo! Finance also includes a currency converter that allows users to convert specific amounts of currency from one market to another. Currency listings also contain up-to-date changes in currencies from the previous trading day and percentage changes. Exchange rate ranges throughout the day and over a 52-week period are also covered.

Any currency in the world can be added to the Yahoo! Finance currency charts for a quick look at various exchange rates. All a user needs to do is to press the +Add Currency link below the finance charts, and then type in the new currency.

Exchange rates are used to determine the value of one currency against another. For example, an exchange rate of 1 to 2 means that the purchase of two pieces of the second currency cost only one piece of the first currency. While currency rates change often, the idea behind the exchange rate is to ensure that assets retain the same value in the differing currencies, encouraging international trade in the process.

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