What Can You Fit in a Safe Deposit Box?


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It is possible to store a wide selection of items in safe deposit boxes, including documents, currency, collectibles, paintings and photographs. Safe deposit boxes vary in size, with boxes ranging from the size of a post card to the size of a person.

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Important documents, such as birth certificates or marriage certificates, are common items to store in a safe deposit box, as are collectibles, such as coins, stamps or pens. Though many people choose to store wills in safe deposit boxes, most experts advise against this practice due to the legal issues that arise from retrieving the will, according to Bankrate.com. Since only the person who rents the box may access it, if she passes away relatives must obtain a court order to open the box and retrieve her will.

Each bank maintains its own size range of safe deposit boxes, which means that customers should visit their banks to determine sizes available. Some banks, such as KeyBank, include information about box sizes online to help customers understand the options. Once a customer determines which bank she wants to house her safe deposit box, she should visit her local branch to speak with a banker about the requirements for renting one. In most cases, customers need to provide proof of identity in order to receive the key to a box.

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