How Can a FirstEnergy Utility Bill Be Paid?

FirstEnergy utility bills can be paid by a variety of methods that include credit or debit card, automatic withdrawal from a bank account, payment through an automated phone service, mailing a check or making an in-person transaction, as stated on the company's website. The energy company's online payment options require an enrollment procedure so that a user name and password can be set up. In order to enroll in one of the online payment systems, customers must agree to receive their utility bills electronically.

In-person FirstEnergy payments can be made at authorized payment locations that have been set up in a variety of establishments throughout the energy company's service areas. Customers can use a search tool on the company's website to find the closest payment location. Transaction fees can vary across locations depending upon the establishment operating the payment agency, as advised on the FirstEnergy website.

Provided that they have been set up to receive their bills electronically, FirstEnergy customers can enroll in a program that makes automatic payments through a credit or debit card or from a bank account. An equal payment plan, or EPP, is available for the energy company's customers living in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The monthly payment amounts across the year are based on what is estimated to represent one-twelfth of a total year's energy usage. On the EPP's anniversary date, the actual and estimated energy usages are compared, and the payment is adjusted accordingly.