Where Can I Get Help for Finding Free Grants at No Cost to Me?

can-finding-grants-cost Credit: Joos Mind/Stone/Getty Images

According to USA.gov, grants that come at no cost to the applicant can be applied for and potentially received from the federal government, from states and from local communities. The federal government typically provides funds to local agencies that then distribute the grants for particular purposes.

USA.gov states that there are some grants advertised in the media which spark individuals to contact the government in hopes to receive the free grants. Although there are federal-level funds for individuals, most funds are allotted on the state or community level. States can create grant programs. Additionally, local non-profits offer various grants.

USA.gov reports that it can be difficult to obtain a federal-level grant. Although it is possible, there are many other sources of funding for grants. USA.gov notes that there are many scams out there that claim to be a way to find free grants. However, many of these scams ask for a fee and are not legitimate resources for real grants. Because of this issue, it is important to look into the specific grant advertisement that you are pursuing. To be sure the grant under consideration is legitimate, an individual should check out the Federal Trade Commissions consumer alert for government grant scams.