How Can Financial Advisers Use the American Funds Homepage?

Financial advisers who want to use the homepage should visit the site and click the link Financial Advisors and follow the relevant links. That becomes the user's default site from where the other sites can be visited, if required.

After clicking the link Financial Advisors, the user lands on the home page for that site. The site can then be explored by using the search field on the right, which does not require the user to sign in. Alternatively, hover over one of the subheadings Investments, Products & Solutions, Insights, Tools & Practice Management or Service Center to navigate the site without logging in. To access client accounts, the user must log in by hovering over the Client Accounts subheading and then going to the Log In link, or using the Log In link at the top of the page.

The site can also be used to access recent events such as webinars, listed by date. News and business features are also accessible from the home page. To find a fund, follow the links at the right of the page headed Fund Finder. The Tax Center can be accessed by clicking the relevant link to the right of the page. To call American Funds, use the telephone number on the home page. To contact using another method, follow the link on the right of the page. To learn more about American Funds, follow the link at the bottom of the page.