How Can You Get Finance on a Harley Davidson With Bad Credit?

Consumers with bad credit seeking to purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can turn to online lenders, dealership lending programs, banks and credit unions for financing options, claims Life House Financial. Some online lenders have a simple application process, and a single form is used to look for the best financing match.

Many online lenders accept applications for unsecured personal loans, and approval is solely based on the consumer's ability to make loan payments, but these lenders don't take the value of the motorcycle into account, according to Life House Financial. Some Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers are willing to assist consumers with bad credit in lining up financing to make the purchase. Any motorcycle loans acquired through dealerships may have high interest rates that average from mid-teens to over 20 percent. If choosing this route, consumers should seek Harley-Davidson dealers who openly welcome buyers with less than stellar credit.

Dealers such as Barnett Harley-Davidson attempt to get financing for anyone with bad credit, and accept consumers who have been turned down by other dealers. Dealers such as Smokin' Harley-Davidson claim its good relationship with lenders is helpful in securing bad credit financing deals. Consumers can contact banks and credit unions to inquire about motorcycle loans and try to get a personal loan, as suggested by Cycle Trader.