Where Can You Fill Out a Credit Card Application Online?


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A credit card application may be completed online either directly through the website of a major credit card company or major bank, such as Visa or USBank, or indirectly through a website designed specifically for credit card applications, such as CreditCards.com. The websites of most major credit card companies and banks have links to card applications from their home pages.

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Whether a direct or indirect website is used, an applicant will find information about a variety of cards, usually categorized according to customers' most common needs and benefits. All means of online applications through legitimate websites will lead a customer to secure pages through which they may apply for the credit card.

The type of site is used should be determined by whether or not the desired type of credit card is known prior to beginning the application. If this is already known by the applicant, it would be most efficient to cut out the middle-man, and apply directly through the site of the credit card company or bank. If the applicant is unsure what type of card or which institution they would like to contract with, browsing through and comparing sites like CreditCards.com will help the applicant make a more educated decision.

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