Where Can You Find Help for Filing Your Own Taxes?


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An individual can find information about filing a tax return on his own, without the help of a professional tax preparer, on the website for the Internal Revenue Service. Topics, forms and an interactive tax assistant tool allow tax filers to adequately plan, fill out and file annual tax returns.

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On the IRS website, several topics related to filling taxes are available in the Prepare Your Return section. The section provides information such as how to find a taxpayer identification number, identify the correct form to use, understand who can be claimed as a dependent, and how to view the credits and deductions available. It is possible to search for immediate answers to tax questions using the Interactive Tax Assistant, or ITA, tool. Users can click on Get Answers to Your Tax Questions Right Away, which is located within the Prepare Your Return section.

In addition to the available topics, users also have access to several publications, such as the Federal Income Tax Guide for Individuals. Once a taxpayer collects all the information and feels ready to file his own taxes, he can file them at no charge with free tax preparation software available from the IRS website.


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