Can I File My Taxes With My Last Paycheck Stub?


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Employees that have received an incorrect Form W2 or have not received a W2 from their employers by February 15th may use a paycheck stub to determine income and withholding information. However, obtaining a W2 is always preferable as pay stubs may not contain all the necessary tax information.

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Employees who have an incorrect W2 or made an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a W2 from their employers must use Form 4852 as a substitute. This form requires the taxpayers to submit their employers' name, address and tax identification number if they know it. Employees need to enter their income information, write an explanation of how they determined their income information and the efforts they made to obtain a W2.

The tax code requires employers to mail a W2 to every employee by January 31st. Any employee who does not receive a W2 within a reasonable amount of time following this date should contact their employer directly to request a W2. This form has the employers tax ID, yearly income totals and withholding information, which may not be present on a pay stub.

A taxpayer that submits the wrong income and withholds information to the IRS must file an amended return, so it's best to make every effort to obtain an accurate W2 before submitting Form 4852.

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