How Can You File a Revised 2013 1040EZ Form for Free?

To file a revision of the 1040EZ form for 2013, you must file form 1040X as a revision, with the year 2013 clearly filled out in the form, according to the Internal Revenue Service. You must do this within three years after the original filing date or within two years after paying the tax, whichever is later. An amended return must be filed in paper form, and the form and instructions are available for download at the IRS website.

Only file an amended return for major changes and not because of math errors or forgetting to send a copy of a W-2 or a particular schedule, advises the IRS. The IRS corrects any math errors on submitted forms and sends a request for missing forms or schedules. Because changes in your federal tax return may affect state and local income tax filings, you should check with state and local authorities for procedures.

When amending more than one tax year, a different 1040X form must be filed for each year and sent in separately, explains the IRS. The instruction booklet provides the address where you can mail the form from your area. You may file to claim an additional refund with filing corrections or additions, but in this case, you should wait to file until after you have received your original refund.