Can You File IRS Complaints Online?


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Taxpayers can file online complaints about misconduct by Internal Revenue Service personnel, deceptive practices by outside tax contractors and impersonation of IRS employees at Treasury.gov, reports the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. They can also report IRS scams online at FTC.gov, points out the Federal Trade Commission. The IRS.gov website has complaint forms that taxpayers can print out and mail or fax directly to the IRS.

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Taxpayers can submit complaints using the online form, email, phone, fax or mail, explains the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. When taxpayers report allegations of IRS personnel misusing their positions, they should include details such the names, grades, positions, functions and locations of the IRS employees. They should also report when taxpayers attempt to bribe, threaten or assault IRS employees.

Tax scammers often impersonate IRS personnel and use intimidation, bogus email messages, and fake caller ID and IRS badge numbers to coerce taxpayers into making false tax payments, states the IRS. Acting as IRS personnel, they target the elderly, immigrants and those who do not speak English well, threatening them with deportation or jail time if they do not comply with payment demands. Taxpayers who receive such calls or messages should not provide any personal information or click on any links. Instead, they should report the incidents to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration and the FTC, advises the Federal Trade Commission.

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