Who Can File Federal Tax Form 1040 Electronically, Free of Charge?


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Taxpayers with incomes below $60,000 can use Free File software on the IRS.gov website to file their federal tax 1040 forms electronically as of 2015, reports the Internal Revenue Service. Taxpayers with incomes over $60,000 can use Free File's electronic fillable forms, which do not offer much guidance and are only useful for those already familiar with tax-preparation procedures. Not all supplemental tax forms that attach to 1040 forms are available in electronic fillable versions.

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To access Free File software, taxpayers should go to the IRS.gov main page and click on Free File under Filing & Payment, explains the IRS. To use the Free File software, taxpayers must obtain an electronic filing PIN online or by calling a toll-free phone number. Taxpayers must have a valid email address so that the Free File company handling the return can send the taxpayer an acceptance notification from the IRS.

Taxpayers can prepare for electronic federal tax filing by having ready records of all the previous year's income, including wages from employers, small business income, Social Security benefits and unemployment compensation, advises the IRS. They also need the Social Security numbers of the members of their households. Additionally, they must have their health care information available so they can verify that they have health insurance, claim a premium tax credit or apply for a health coverage exemption.

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