Where Can Felons Find a Job in Cleveland, Ohio?


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Felons can find jobs in Cleveland, Ohio by accessing resources such as employer websites, non-profit organizations and government programs that are dedicated to the task. A general job search with the Felon Friendly Network, Xamire, or an informational site like felonopportunities.com, are good places to start.

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Knowing what kinds of jobs felons can apply for is an important starting point to ultimately finding a job. For jobs in the state of Ohio, felons can go to the CIVICC (Civic Impacts of Criminal Convictions Under Ohio Law website, http://civiccohio.org/) to see eligibility based on conviction. In addition to offering assistance in job placement, there are a number of organizations and programs that support felons in areas such as interview preparation, mentoring and career advancement in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The NewBirth Project through CCE (The Center for Community Empowerment) provides services for felon reintegration into the job market through interview preparation and meetings for ex-felons to work out personal issues that may hinder their chances of finding a job. Another program called Towards Employment assists felons in developing their jobs into full-fledged careers. A third program, the Reentry Bridge Network focuses on comprehensive support for felons and their families. Such programs give felons the resources, support and training needed to find work in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

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