Where Can You Go to Fax Something?


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Major copy and print shops, retail office supply stores and hotel business centers are three easily accessible places that offer faxing services for a small fee. Additionally, there are multiple Internet faxing services that make it possible to send a fax from any computer with an Internet connection.

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Some of the best-known retail chains that offer faxing are Staples and FedEx Kinkos. Both charge a small fee to allow customers to send faxes. At Staples locations nationwide, customers can use self-service fax machines to send faxes to local and international numbers. Kinkos offers an added service in receiving faxes that is not available at Staples.

Most business hotels, such as Sheraton and Marriott, have business centers on-site that provide faxing services. These services may be free or may be available for a fee, depending on each hotel's policies.

Online fax services also allow a sender to turn any Internet-connected computer into a fax machine. Most online fax services charge a monthly fee, which varies based on the number and type of services offered. Online services also provide features that physical fax machines typically do not, including notification when a fax has been picked up and storage of previously faxed documents.

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