Where Can You Find Fast Hiring Jobs?


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Find fast hiring jobs by searching on sites such as Indeed.com, SnagAJob.com, SimplyHired.com and Craigslist.org for postings in industries that typically feature fewer requirements and shorter terms, as of 2015. Some careers that contain expedient hiring processes include the food service industry, customer service roles, sales jobs and event labor positions.

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Many job hunting websites allow users to specify a type of job rather than a specific job title during keyword searches, which returns results for jobs from employers looking to hire employees quickly. Many of these jobs have a low specialization level or do not require a great deal of unique skills, thus allowing employers to shorten the interview process and hire applicants more quickly. For example, a customer service job may only require the ability to fluently speak English and operate a computer to begin fielding calls and emails from clients. Similarly, event labor jobs focus mainly on the applicant's ability to perform manual work, such as moving boxes or erecting poles.

Sales and telemarketing roles also commonly feature a quick hiring process because they experience a high turnaround, meaning many companies are constantly looking to add to these departments. These jobs often include making calls to potential clients or customers, often without warning or prior knowledge of the customer. Some sites also offer sections for short-term or one-day jobs, which also typically feature a quick hiring process.

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