Where Can You Exchange Foreign Coins for U.S. Currency?


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The U.S. Coin, Currency and Gold Exchange located in Falls Church, Virginia, exchanges U.S. currency for foreign coins from all countries around the world. In addition, coin collectors are likely to purchase foreign coins, and currency exchange stores within international airports may exchange foreign coins for U.S. currency.

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The U.S. Coin, Currency and Gold Exchange is a foreign currency dealer and foreign coin exchange service. This corporation buys small or large quantities of foreign coins and utilizes a mail service to securely exchange foreign coins with people anywhere within the United States and Canada, with a turnaround of approximately 15 business days. The website also includes tables of exchange rates for a wide variety of coins.

Coin collectors are also often interested in coins from other countries, especially older, rarer coins. Owners of foreign coins can sell them to collectors, in a garage sale and also through online ads. Sometimes, local schoolteachers will even purchase foreign coins to display in their classrooms for students to observe.

Currency exchange stores at international airports will sometimes accept and exchange coins, but they mostly handle paper money. However, travelers can spend foreign coins to purchase goods and services at the airport, such as a shoe shine, a souvenir or a snack.

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