Where Can I View Examples of Self-Introduction Letters?

can-examples-self-introduction-letters Credit: SrdjanPav/E+/Getty Images

Two helpful websites for viewing examples of self-introduction letters are Writing Help Central and Letters – Free Sample Letters. Writing Help Central offers explanations of how to write different letters of introduction as well as samples and templates. Letters – Free Sample Letters offers both brief scenarios for when a self-introduction letter is appropriate and several examples of self-introduction letters written for specific situations.

As Writing Help Central points out, self-introduction letters differ from letters of application and cover letters because they introduce one party to another but not necessarily in service of an application for a specific job. Self-introduction letters are formal introductions and are used to make inquiries about available positions, introduce new business partners, inform a client about a new account executive and make other appropriate introductions. Self-introduction letters can also be used to ask for career advice. For instance, if you’re interested in advancement in a specific industry, identify a corporate officer or other expert in the field who has the kind of job you want. Then write a self-introduction letter asking how that person got the job, for advice about companies who offer such positions, what kind of salary to expect or about seminars or coursework you can take to prepare.