Where Can You Find Examples of Good Cover Letters for Free?

Susan Ireland, author of four job search books and three software packages, offers good examples of free cover letters on her site, SusanIreland.com. These are grouped by occupation or by situation, such as if someone is a recent graduate, changing careers or following up from a cold call. Another site with good cover letter samples is About.com/careers, which contains an alphabetical list of links to cover letters for various job titles.

Job seekers send cover letters to supplement their resumes and elaborate on their most relevant skills, training and experience for a position, as well as why they are interested in working for a particular company. Employers also use covering letters to assess which candidates to interview.

Cover letters use business letter format and include sender and receiver contact information, the date, a salutation and a complimentary close. Both SusanIreland.com and About.com/careers also contain free generic cover letter templates for both print and email applications.

Tailor a cover letter template by describing in three paragraphs how you can fill an employer's need, what value you offer the employer, and what the employer's next step is. Include similar information in an e-mail cover letter ensuring the message is brief and to the point.