Where Can Evicted People Rent an Apartment?


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While there's no one destination for people who have been evicted to find a new rental, having good supporting information and having a reputable cosigner are good starting points, notes SFGate. People who are less than forthcoming can secure leases from landlords who are less scrutinous.

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Deciding how honest to be with a landlord is important. Tenants who do not disclose information as part of the application process can suffer negative consequences if the landlord finds out later, notes SFGate. For those applicants who decide to be honest, it's important to show, in concrete ways, that they have their finances in order. Applicants should look at their credit reports to see if the eviction shows up, but the eviction can also show up on tenant-screening reports, according to SFGate.

In some places, such as San Francisco, tenants suffer from eviction for "no-fault causes," but they still have to find a place to live. A prospective tenant in this situation should secure documentation from his former landlord showing that the eviction had nothing to do with the tenant's compliance with the lease. Getting reference letters from previous landlords as well as employers is also instrumental in securing new leases, as stated by SFGate.

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