Can You Evict a Subletting Tenant?


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A landlord has the authority to evict a tenant who sublets a rental space. Certain legal steps must be taken before the landlord can evict the subletting tenant, according to Housing Court Answers.

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A landlord can evict a subletting tenant for reasons other than the nonpayment of rent by bringing forth a holdover case in court. These proceedings can become complicated, so Housing Court Answers advises that the landlord retain a lawyer before taking this action.

A landlord can bring a holdover case for reasons such as the tenant's sublease has expired, the subleasing tenant refuses to allow the landlord access to the apartment during normal hours for repairs, or the subleasing tenant is involved in illegal activity or has become a public nuisance, states Housing Court Answers.

Landlords are required to give certain notices of a minimum of 10 days to the subleasing tenants they are trying to evict before bringing a holdover suit in court.

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