What Can You Do With an Esthetics License?

What Can You Do With an Esthetics License?

An esthetics license, also known as an esthetician license, can open up opportunities for careers in spas, resorts and salons. Some people with this license also find jobs in cosmetology marketing or beauty consulting. Some even break into the medical field and work as paramedical estheticians.

In salons and spas, estheticians provide a variety of beauty treatments, including facials and exfoliating treatments. Aromatherapy and full-body skin treatments are sometimes included in the services an esthetician offers. Through their training, estheticians gain the ability to recognize common skin problems and apply the appropriate treatment.

Part of an esthetician's job is to learn about makeup techniques and recommend quality products. Estheticians often work with specific product companies to sell beauty products. They teach clients how to properly care for their skin while using makeup.

Paramedical estheticians work in the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery. There is no difference in the licensing for a paramedical esthetician and a general esthetician. Paramedical estheticians provide directions for proper skin care preceding and following procedures. They can also provide referrals for skin care problems.

An esthetician must first obtain a state license before practicing cosmetology. Estheticians must pass a state board exam in order to obtain the license.