How Can You Establish a Community Center?

How Can You Establish a Community Center?

A community center normally begins with an individual or group vision, research into the idea, establishing the objectives of the center, planning, creating awareness and launching of the project. Each stage is important as they help in ascertaining whether the project will be viable or not.

Creating a community center involves several steps:

  1. Vision
  2. Community centers are formed out of an individual or group vision to help solve a problem within the community. The center could be business, health, recreational or welfare based.

  3. Researching the idea
  4. Research in the form of interviews, reading and personal assessment must be done in order to acquire important knowledge regarding community center establishment and management.

  5. Aims and objectives
  6. The aims and objectives of the center will help keep the various members committed to whatever it is they are trying to achieve. These aims and objectives also inform all important decisions to be made.

  7. Planning
  8. This is the stage in which a budget is created, capital is raised, important legal documents are acquired and dates for various activities are set in readiness for the launch of the center.

  9. Awareness creation and launch
  10. Awareness creation can also be called marketing depending on the type of community center established. Once people know about the center, they will most likely be present on the date of launch and are likely to subscribe to the center's services.