Where Can Equipment for Maple Syrup Harvesting Be Purchased?


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Large scale maple syrup harvesting equipment can be purchased online or in store from Anderson's Maple Syrup. Home tapping equipment can be purchased online from Tap My Trees or through online mass retailers such as Amazon.

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Maple syrup is a sweet, viscous liquid made from harvesting the xylem sap of a maple tree, though red maple, sugar maple and black maple trees are the most commonly used varieties. As the cold winter months approach, maple trees store excess starches in their trunks, similar to the way some animals store excess fat before entering hibernation. Once winter passes, the starch is converted into sugar that rises up the tree and is excreted through the tree's sap.

To harvest this sap, a hole must bored into the tree so that special tubes and tapping mechanisms may be inserted. The sap is drained from the tree and collected into a container. This liquid is first filtered to remove any impurities leftover from the tree, then heated to evaporate the water element and thicken it.

The United States and Canada each have their own scales for grading maple syrup. For example, Canada requires the syrup to be at least 66 percent sugar and be made exclusively from maple sap. U.S. standards vary by region, with Vermont and New York holding the strictest guidelines.

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