How Can You Find an Employer Willing to Hire a Felon?


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Convicted felons can find employers willing to hire them through a number of online resources, including Exoffenders and Xamire. Job seekers can also save time by applying to local businesses and avoiding jobs that uniformly refuse to hire felons.

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Companies often receive tax breaks for hiring felons, and Exoffenders keeps a long list of corporations that are known to support this practice. Although the site does not guarantee employment, users can browse an extensive list of national companies known to hire felons. Users are also allowed to submit company ratings and report on their experience with hiring processes.

Xamire offers comprehensive information for job seekers in all 50 states. Users can click through each state name to find out about employment opportunities in different cities and regions. Additionally, the site offers a general forum for users to share job-hunting strategies and discuss different experiences with employers. There are also both state and city sub-forums that allow users to discuss employment opportunities in specific locations.

Another strategy for convicted felons is to pursue jobs with local businesses. While larger corporations typically perform background checks on potential employees, smaller businesses are less likely to do so. Job hunters should also recognize that some fields simply refuse to hire felons, including education and banking. Avoiding these types of jobs can help save time for more lucrative opportunities.

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