Can My Employer Change My Work Hours?

RoBeDeRo/Vetta/Getty Images

Employers can change employees’ work hours to meet business needs. People who work directly with customers have schedules based on when customers need services. Employers change their employees’ working hours to accommodate their customers.

Employees who cannot adjust to the new schedules can ask their employers for a flexible schedule. Flexible schedules allow employees to work a few hours extra some days, so they can leave early or come in later on the days they need a flexible schedule. Employees who cannot flex their schedules can sometimes swap days with coworkers. Offering coworkers a late schedule for an early schedule, or vice versa, can benefit them too.

If none of the suggestions mentioned above works, the employee must apply for positions in departments with set schedules within the organization. Changing positions allows an employee to balance home and work life without making significant changes with regard to the job.

The final option is to leave the job and find a job that guarantees set hours. Leaving a job is a big decision. Many people who leave their jobs often find that they cannot simply walk into another job. It sometimes takes people months or even a year to find a new job.

The best way for an employee to adjust to variable schedules is to work with his employer. People who talk to their managers and voice their concerns get great advice about scheduling options.