How Can You Be an Effective Leader?


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Becoming an effective leader requires knowing one's own strengths and weaknesses, developing goals, communicating effectively and knowing one's industry or organization well. Effective leaders must also know how other people view them.

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A leader must speak clearly to get his message across, and he must be a good listener. An effective speaker must know the audience he is engaging. Often a leader must act confident even if he does not feel any inner confidence. Making eye contact with an audience is a key component of communication, and practicing speaking in front others helps a leader become more confident.

Good leaders practice other crucial skills, such as setting goals and building teams. Leadership calls for motivating the group and knowing the people who work within a team. A team leader must ensure that everyone shares a uniform vision of the project at hand. The ability to delegate tasks within the team is also crucial for an effective leader as is the practice of encouraging members to speak up within the group.

An effective leader must be competent. The person in charge must have knowledge of the marketplace or trends in a particular industry to manage people with confidence; however, leaders must also recognize that they make mistakes and learn from their mishaps. Good leadership also entails seeking the advice of others in order to improve one's skills and choices.

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