How Can You Find EBay Auctions Ending Soon With No Bids?

To find an item on that is ending soon with no bids, click on Advanced, and enter the name of the item you are searching for. Under the section called Show Results, enter zero for the number of bids, and select the time interval to search within.

After entering the search criteria you want, the results are displayed in order of increasing time left, and only the results with zero bids are displayed. If you would also like to see results with the least amount of bids but not only zero bids, click Auction, and next to Sort, select Number Of Bids Fewest First. This displays items with all different number of bids. Each number of bids has its own section, and within that section the items with the least amount of time remaining appear first. In other words, the number of bids takes precedent, and the chronological order is secondarily implemented automatically.

If you would like to view items ending soonest with zero bids, but you donメt have a specific item you want to search for, click on the Search button without typing anything into the search bar. After a list of categories is displayed, choose the category you want to search in. Then repeat the same process you did for the specific item search.