How Can You Earn Extra Money?


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Some ways to earn extra money include offering to babysit others' children and pets, having a yard sale and recycling scrap metal. You could also consider taking on a second part-time job.

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Parents with young children need a break from parenting every once in a while. Ask moms and dads that you know if they would like to spend an evening out at a restaurant alone while you watch their children. You could even advertise babysitting services in your local newspaper. Keep your ears open for friends who are going out of town because they may need someone to watch their home and pets while they're gone.

Having a yard sale is a good way to make some quick cash if you have belongings that you're willing to sell. Join efforts with your neighbors to accumulate more items, or sell your used furniture, musical instruments, artwork and housewares on Craigslist instead. If you have any old pipes, sheet metal or other metal items laying around, take them to a local metal recycling facility to sell.

While you may have to wait several weeks to be paid for working a part-time job, you can count on the pay being a steady source of extra income. Some part-time jobs to consider include being a retail clerk, working at a fast food restaurant and stocking shelves overnight at a grocery store.

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