Where Can You Find a Site to Dump Your Trash?


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Many city, town and county websites provide information on their town dumps, landfills and transfer centers for getting rid of trash and recyclables. Some examples are PhiladelphiaStreets.com, OCLandfills.com and WellesleyMA.VirtualTownHall.net.

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Most dump sites have rules about the kinds of trash and waste they accept, how to package it, and the kinds of vehicles that can deliver it. As of 2015, Philadelphia's five sanitation convenience centers accept recyclable items, up to 12 bags or six receptacles of collectible rubbish, yard waste that is not inside plastic bags and does not contain other materials, and up to two large items such as metal appliances per day. Proof of residency is required; city residents may bring their trash in personal cars, trucks or rental trucks under 6,000 pounds.

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