Can Duke Energy Monthly Utility Bills Be Paid in Person Locally?

Duke Energy monthly payment bills can be paid in person at the power company's authorized payment locations in all six of the states in which the company operates, as stated on the Duke Energy website. Depending upon the state, the local payment locations are referred to as "preferred payment locations," "retail pay agents" or "paystations." Reflecting the merger between Duke Energy and Progress Energy in 2012, the in-person payment locations are referred to as "authorized Duke Energy Progress paystations" in parts of North and South Carolina.

Duke Energy customers can determine where their in-person payment locations are by visiting the energy company's website. Visitors to the website must first choose which of the company's six states of operation they are located in, then click on the "Residential" tab, and then select "Billing & Payment." Depending upon the state, either a "Payment locations" or a "Pay in person" link will open a search tool that will bring up the closest payment location after entering a city or ZIP code. Customers should take their monthly bill with them when they are making an in-person payment.

Duke Energy customers are advised to only use the authorized payment locations that can be found listed on one of the company's six state-centered website portals. Making a payment at a location that is not part of the company's authorized network can result in transaction delays and, in some cases, possibly result in a non-payment disconnection, as cautioned by Duke Energy.