Where Can You Download a 2012 Form 1040?

To download a 2012 Form 1040, visit IRS.gov, the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, and choose the Forms & Pubs option. Then choose Prior Years. From there, you can search the prior year forms listing and find the 1040 form for 2012.

The IRS website has a variety of different forms, publications and instructions for both the current year and previous years, the IRS explains. Taxpayers who use assistive technology in order to access the website can choose the Accessible tab on the Forms & Pubs page to gain access to the forms.

The IRS provides forms for download in PDF format, so the user must have a PDF reader installed on his computer. There are also several e-books available on the IRS website on a variety of different tax subjects. Taxpayers who are unsure of the tax form or publication they need can use the Search option in order to better locate the form. The IRS has tax forms that go all the way back to the year 1864. Taxpayers who wish to have forms mailed to them can contact the IRS at its toll-free number. Taxpayers can order up to 10 different products at one time, notes the department.